The Sword of the Watch XBox Game

The Sword of the Watch Trilogy develops the world of Erathe in three parts: The Watchers War, The Rise of the Western Kingdom and The Fall of Daoradh.

The Fall of Daoradh - Xbox Game is under development using the XNA Development Environment and Visual Studio 2008 Professional.  Scotty Croy and I are moving files between Lightwave 9.6, Vue and 3D-Coat with audio work being done in Cakewalk's Sonar.

If you like XBox gaming, and would like to be part of the development or testing team, please use the link below to contact me.

We'll post more information about the Game Development Project as we build.


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The Fall of Daoradh, The Sword of the Watch, Erathe and all characters are Copyright 2007 John Montgomery.  All Rights Reserved.

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