The Fall of Daoradh Screenplay

The Fall of Daoradh screenplay adaptation is moving forward.  We had a great read with several wonderful (and patient!) actors who helped bring the characters and the story pacing into much better focus.  Thanks so much, actors, for your hard work deep into the night!

Currently, I'm looking at both the Feature Length movie option and the television mini-series.

With Phase 1 complete, we are now moving into a holding pattern for the next draft of the screenplay as we perform animation testing and soundtrack creation in preparation for finalizing some key scenes based on those tests.  The audio book editing has also helped us make some decisions on scene pacing.  Here are some fun photos from the read:

John Montgomery at Map

The Character Voices were Great!

Pushing through the narrative Hard At It

The first roundtable read included: Clay Patterson, Steven Sellers, Shawn Cox, Chris Bates, Bayley Sears, Sarah Klocke, Stephanie Vanderhoof, Rachel Hobby, and Cyndel Mooney.

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